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Cosmetic Manufacturing License in India: COS-8 License Requirements, Process, & Costs

In India all cosmetic products are governed by the Cosmetic Rules, 2020. You must need a Cosmetic manufacturing License to legally manufacture cosmetic products in India. The application for grant of Cosmetic Manufacturing License must be submitted on Form COS-5 and the license will be granted on Form COS-9. The Cosmetic Manufacturing License is issued by the State Licensing Authority (State Drug Controller).

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What is cosmetic?

A cosmetic is any product applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, enhancing attractiveness, or altering appearance. This includes items like:

  • Makeup (foundation, lipstick, mascara, etc.)
  • Skincare products (creams, cleansers, moisturizers)
  • Hair care products (shampoos, conditioners, styling gels)
  • Fragrances (perfumes, body sprays)
  • Deodorants and antiperspirants

Do you need a license to manufacture cosmetics in India?

Yes, a COS-8 License is mandatory under the Cosmetic Rules, 2020. Apply through form COS-5 to the State Drug Controller.

What is COS-8 License?

A COS-8 License is your mandatory permit to legally manufacture and sell cosmetic products in India. Issued by the State Drug Controller, it ensures your products meet safety and quality standards.

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Who issues the COS-8 License for cosmetics in India?

The State Licensing Authority (SLA), also known as the State Drug Controller, grants the COS-8 License for manufacturing cosmetic products in India.

The state drugs controller is authorized to grant the following licenses.

  1. Cosmetic Manufacturing License to manufacture for sale or distribution of all categories of cosmetics;
  2. Sale, stock, exhibit or offer for sale or distribution of all categories of cosmetics.
  3. Grant of approval to the laboratory which applies for carrying out tests on cosmetics and their raw materials.

Fastest wat to get your Cosmetic Manufacturing License in India: 7-Step Guide

  1. Fill COS-5 Application: Start your legal journey.
  2. Gather Required Documents: Ensure compliance from the start. Prepare all the necessary documents as specified in Part II of the Second Schedule of Cosmetic Rules.
  3. Pay Fee: As specified in the Third Schedule of the Cosmetic Rules.
  4. Submit to State Authority: Get your application reviewed.
  5. License Granted in 45 Days: The State Licensing Authority grants a license within a period of forty-five days subject to document verification.
  6. Site Inspection within 30 Days: Be ready for site audit by the authority for compliance with good manufacturing practices.
  7. Upload License Online: Upload a copy of license on the website of the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation for transparency and public record.

Where the State Licensing Authority or any other officer authorized to do so fails to inspect and verify the site of the license within 30 days, the license shall be deemed to be valid for all purposes.

Competent Technical staffs for cosmetic manufacturing license

Ensure a full time qualified manufacturing staff is appointed for the manufacturing of the cosmetic products. The competent technical staff must possess any one of the following qualification;

  1. The staff holds a Diploma in Pharmacy approved by the Pharmacy Council of India under the Pharmacy Act, 1948, or
  2. The staff is registered under the Pharmacy Act, 1948, or
  3. The staff has passed the Intermediate Examination with Chemistry or an examination recognised by the Licensing Authority as equivalent to it.
  4. The staff holds a bachelor degree in Cosmetic Technology from recognized university.

Comply with Cosmetic Testing Requirements:

The manufacturer has to comply either

  1. In-house testing: Maintain staff, facilities, & laboratory equipment, or
  2. Outsourced testing: Use NABL-accredited labs approved by Central Authority.

Documents required for the cosmetic manufacturing license COS-8

To obtain the cosmetic manufacturing license, the following documents need to be submitted to the licensing authority:

  1. Ownership of the premises or rental agreement.
  2. Constitution of the firm, such as Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum of Association, UDYAM Aadhar, Partnership Deed, etc.
  3. Compliance with good manufacturing practices and requirements for premises, plants, and equipment for the manufacture of cosmetics.
  4. Receipt for the fees paid.
  5. Approved plant layout.
  6. List of machinery and equipment.
  7. Details of the competent technical staff employed for the manufacturing and testing of cosmetics, along with copies of their educational qualifications, experience certificates, and approval letters as competent staff.
  8. Consent letter from the competent technical staff.
  9. List of cosmetics along with their composition formulas.
  10. Trademark Registration Certificate for the brand name.
  11. An undertaking for compliance with the Cosmetic Rules.

Validity of Cosmetic Manufacturing licence

The Cosmetic Manufacturing License issued in Form COS- 8 will remain valid for lifetime if the manufacturer pay the licence retention fee in an interval of 5 years unless, it is suspended or cancelled by the State Licensing Authority

Fines for Late Payment of Retention Fee

If you fail to pay the retention fee for the cosmetic manufacturing license on or before the due date, you are liable to pay a late fee calculated at the rate of two percent of the license retention fee for every month. If the retention fee is not paid within 180 days from its due date, the license will be considered as cancelled.

Pay retention fee on time to avoid

  • 2% monthly late fee
  • License cancellation after 180 days


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