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The Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO) performs a pivotal function in regulating the import of drugs and scientific devices into India. Understanding the CDSCO import license expenses is critical for businesses importing pharmaceuticals and medical devices. This article provides a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the intricacies of CDSCO import license fees.

CDSCO Import License Fees Explained: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the CDSCO Import License

Before delving into the specifics of import license prices, it’s critical to comprehend the fundamentals of CDSCO import licenses. The CDSCO is India’s country-wide regulatory authority for pharmaceuticals and medical devices. It regulates the import, manufacture, distribution, and sale of medicine and medical gadgets to ensure their safety, efficacy, and pleasantness.

Importing pills or scientific gadgets into India necessitates obtaining an import license from the CDSCO. This license is issued below the provisions of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, and the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945. With a valid import license, importing pharmaceuticals or medical gadgets into India is legal and may cause severe results.

CDSCO Import License Fees

The CDSCO imposes fees for diverse activities associated with drug importation, along with the issuance of import licenses. These costs depend totally on the license type, the character of the imported merchandise, and other relevant elements. Understanding the different components of CDSCO import license fees is critical for importers to price range efficiently and ensure compliance with regulatory necessities.

Types of CDSCO Import Licenses

  1. Form 10 License: This license is required to import drugs for non-public use, research, evaluation, or checking out.
  2. Form 10A License: For the import of medication or medical devices for clinical trials.
  3. Form Eleven License: Necessary for the import of drugs or medical gadgets for commercial functions.

Factors Influencing CDSCO Import License Fees

Several factors affect the expenses associated with CDSCO import licenses

  1. Type of License: As cited in advance, the import license required determines the applicable costs. Form 10, Form 10A, and Form 11 licenses have unique price structures.
  2. Nature of Products: The prices may also vary depending on whether or not the imported merchandise is tablets, scientific gadgets, or an aggregate of each.
  3. Quantity: In some cases, the expenses may be primarily based on the amount of the imported merchandise.
  4. Validity Period: The length of the import license might also affect the fees, with longer validity durations typically related to better fees.

Calculating CDSCO Import License Fees

To calculate the CDSCO import license charges correctly, importers should discuss the modern-day charge schedule supplied using the CDSCO. The charge timetable outlines the applicable expenses for exclusive licenses and eventualities. Importers must cautiously review the charge agenda and calculate the total costs based on their necessities.

Application Process and Fee Payment

Importers should put up their programs for import licenses to the CDSCO and the requisite expenses. The software procedure typically includes filling out the essential paperwork, supplying helping files, and paying the relevant fees. Importers could make charge payments via distinct banks or online portals, particularly by the CDSCO.

Importance of Compliance

Ensuring compliance with CDSCO policies, such as the charge of import license fees, is crucial for businesses concerned with uploading tablets and clinical devices into India. Non-compliance can result in delays, fines, seizure of products, and other criminal effects. By adhering to regulatory requirements and paying the needful charges, importers can avoid such troubles and conduct their operations smoothly.


Navigating the CDSCO import license prices is essential for companies importing pharmaceuticals and medical devices into India. By knowing the different factors influencing the expenses, calculating them accurately, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, importers can streamline their operations and avoid capability pitfalls. It’s vital to stay updated with today’s fee schedules and regulatory changes issued using the CDSCO to preserve compliance and facilitate seamless importation processes.


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