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In search of dependable CDSCO Medical Device Consultant in Gurugram, Haryana? Look no further than MedDev Experts, your trusted ally for securing CDSCO Medical Device Licenses. With an outstanding reputation and a track record of success, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional services to our valued clients.


Simplify the intricate journey of medical device licensing and registration with the expertise of MedDev Experts. Our team of experienced professionals will offer comprehensive guidance, ensuring compliance with all requirements and facilitating the acquisition of necessary licenses.

Our Array of Services Encompasses:

Take the first step today and discover how MedDev Experts can support you in meeting your medical device licensing and registration needs. Experience peace of mind as our team navigates the intricate process on your behalf, ensuring your success.

Medical Device Licensing Services in Gurugram, Haryana

We offer a comprehensive suite of medical device licensing services in Gurugram, Haryana, including:

Below, we outline our comprehensive suite of services

Get expert help to register your medical devices with the CDSCO and State FDA. This critical step is essential for ensuring the legality and safety of your medical devices in the Indian market.

Get expert help to register your medical devices with the CDSCO and State FDA. This critical step is essential for ensuring the legality and safety of your medical devices in the Indian market.

We offer dedicated support to acquire the vital import license (MD 15) that is indispensable for bringing medical devices into India. Our services streamline the application process, ensuring compliance with all regulatory guidelines, and helping you navigate the complexities of importation seamlessly.

If your goal is to sell, stock, exhibit, or distribute medical devices and in-vitro diagnostic medical devices in India, our team can guide you through the rigorous process of obtaining the MD 42 License. This license is a prerequisite for conducting these activities legally.

We are well-versed in assisting clients to achieve ISO 9001, ISO 13485, SA 8000, and various other international certifications. These certifications not only enhance the quality of your products but also elevate your organization’s reputation, showcasing a commitment to superior quality management systems.

GMP Compliance (cGMP):

Ensuring your manufacturing processes adhere to the highest standards of Current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) is crucial. Our experts provide comprehensive support to ensure your facilities and processes meet the stringent requirements set forth by regulatory bodies.

For those seeking to export their medical devices to the lucrative US market, our services include listing your products on the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) registry. This step is pivotal in facilitating exports and expanding your global reach.

If you aspire to place your medical devices in the highly competitive US market, we offer professional assistance in preparing and submitting your Premarket Notification, commonly known as a 510(k) submission, to the FDA.

CE Documentation:

When targeting the European market, obtaining CE Certification is imperative. Our adept professionals can guide you in meticulously preparing the essential CE Technical File, ensuring compliance with European Union regulations.

Need help registering or licensing your medical device in Gurugram?

Contact MedDev Experts, an experienced medical device consulting company in Gurugram, Haryana. We can help you to register and license your medical devices in Haryana.

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Are you ready to start your medical device licensing journey? Our team of experts can help you navigate the complex regulatory process and get your product to market quickly and efficiently.


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